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Pool filter is one of the most important and essential elements of your swimming pool. It removes bacteria and chemicals that could otherwise contaminate the water, sicken anyone who swims in it and cause wear and tear on the surfaces.

Pool filter clean-up and pool filter replacement is one of the most important tasks of maintenance, and you should tend to change them on a frequent basis.

Unfortunately, too many pool owners today fail to realize the importance of pool filter maintenance.

Pool Filter Clean-up


When pool filter clean-up is being performed, the pool pump should be turned off, and if the filter is located below the water level, the valves should be turned off so that the pool will not drain when it is removed.

You must also carefully take in where the filter is and the direction in which it is oriented so that you will know how to put it back in.

Sand or diatomaceous earth filter should be cleaned only with a full pool, and the pump should be on backwash to clear out any debris.

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