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It is normal if there is a loss of water in your swimming pool if you constantly find yourself filling the swimming pool with more than two or three inches of water almost every day, there may be a possibility that your swimming pool is suffering from an undetected leak.

This can cause a variety of issues besides water loss, such as an increase in your water bill every month and even some equipment failure.

For normal individuals, it’s quite difficult to determine if a leak is really the situation with their swimming pool, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Fixing Leak


A meaningful sum of pool leaks can be found and repaired without causing any major disruption.

The use of a special marking can be utilized for 24 hours to check how much water is lost after a certain period of time. Your pool should not lose more than ¼ inch per day.

Compressed air might be used to pressurize a pipe. The air basically displaces the water in the pipe till it extends to your swimming pool leak. Point bubbles will escape from the hole, and that will help reveal the area of the issue.

If a pipe fails to sustain a constant air pressure…a major leak exists, but it can be fixed with the proper leak detection.

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