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When the weather is unbearably hot, a swimming pool is a place where you can jump in to cool off, but it also requires constant maintenance if it is to remain a safe and healthy place in which to swim.

Performing acid wash is a part of our services

Benefits of Acid Wash


Destroys algae:

Algae tend to accumulate in swimming pools, and if the surface is made of plaster, it can be stained thereby. Acids can kill these algae and restore the appearance you had when you first had your pool installed.

Removes copper, magnesium, and other stains:

Copper and magnesium — both of which are the by-products of various kinds of biological processes — are often deposited on the surfaces of swimming pools, where they too can leave unsightly stains. These, too, can be removed easily with acid.

Does not damages the surface it cleans:

This particular point is true for the great majority of surface types, including black plaster, brick, white and colored plaster, and name brand finishes.

Brings out a clean and nice look:

Acid washing is valuable not just for health reasons, but for aesthetic ones as well. Many pool owners, indeed, choose to enlist our pool acid wash services simply because they want the finish to be brighter and whiter,

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