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We will take such good care of your pool that you will never have to worry about it. Each pool is unique and has its own life cycle, and we have the knowledge and expertise to give each of them the best of care. We take care of your entire pool system, including the pool deck and surrounding area. Our goal is deliver high quality service that is reliable, as well as maintaining the chemical balance, performing proper maintenance on the pool gears, and making preventive inspections on the overall system. We listen closely to our costumers, so we can provide them the best results according to their unique needs. Our special touch will make the difference.
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Clean main pool Filter, Tile, in-line leaf trap, mold from coping, walls and steps, Vacuum Pool floor.


Filter replacement, Chemical Balancing, Equipment monitoring.

Supply Chemicals

Supply chemicals to adjust pH level, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness & Stabilizer level, Chemical Balancing.


Baby Fence, Leak Detection and Repair.

Doctor Pools Management

About Us

We are a company that identified a lack of qualified professionals in the pool service industry.

We decided to start our company in order to fill that gap and provide high-quality service with a commitment to stay on top of the rapidly evolving market and technology.

We have more than 8 years of experience in the cleaning industry, always delivering high standard service, exceeding all requests.

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We have just the right swimming pool services for you

Pool Fence

At Doctor Pool Service we are constantly monitoring the pool industry for trends and products that can benefit our customers.

In the past few years, pool fences have gained popularity among families that prioritize protecting and looking after their children from accidentally gaining access to the pool area.

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Chemical Balance

An essential part of maintaining the pool is chemical balancing which keeps the pool clean safe and pleasant for swimming.

Regular chemical balancing will prevent problems such as algae bloom, bacteria growth, prevent damage to the pool, and burning of the eyes and scalp.

While pool chemical balancing seems like a simple procedure, there are certain hazards when dealing with chemicals to maintain a healthy pool, this is the reason chemical balancing is best left to a professional pool company.

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Leak Detection

It is normal if there is a loss of water in your swimming pool if you constantly find yourself filling the swimming pool with more than two or three inches of water almost every day, there may be a possibility that your swimming pool is suffering from an undetected leak.

This can cause a variety of issues besides water loss, such as an increase in your water bill every month and even some equipment failure.

For normal individuals, it’s quite difficult to determine if a leak is really the situation with their swimming pool, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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Pool Pavers and Cooping

One way to really have your pool area stand out is with stone work and pavers around your pool. Doctor Pool Service offers a full range of pool pavers and coping services to ensure that not only your pool looks amazing, but the area around your pool looks good.

With today’s advances in paver and stone materials, you can turn your pool area into an outdoor oasis that will truly wow your friends and family.

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Acid Wash

When the weather is unbearably hot, a swimming pool is a place where you can jump in to cool off, but it also requires constant maintenance if it is to remain a safe and healthy place in which to swim.

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Pool Filters

Pool Filter is one of the most important and essential elements of your swimming pool.

It removes bacteria and chemicals that could otherwise contaminate the water, sicken anyone who swims in it and cause wear and tear on the surfaces.

Pool filter clean-up and pool filter replacement is one of the most important tasks of maintenance, and you should tend to change them on a frequent basis.

We provide both services at DoctorPools.

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Pool Remodeling

During the warm weather which stays almost all year, after a long day of work, everyone loves to take a quick dip or catch some rays by the pool.

One of the only problems with pools is that they do require a lot of maintenance. As homes age, so do pools, especially after all foreclosures like the example on the banner above.

It is important to always keep up with pool maintenance. It is also important to do a pool remodel to update them based on today’s styles and technology.

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Pool Repair

Our pool repair service team can help you to maintain and keep your swimming pool look more beautiful and fascinating.

As we all know that pool maintenance is quite a tough job, so we will repair your pool professionally. 

Our pool repair professionals have a variety of experience within the industry. We can resurface your pool, provide regular maintenance, provide the most stellar pool pump filters, and make sure that your pool has the right chemicals for it to continue to be crystal clear, so the whole family can enjoy it.

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Pool Resurfacing

Swimming pools are fantastic go-to spots to relax and enjoy the view alongside the people whom you love.

Nowadays, it is quite simple to customize the pool according to your desire. Yes, you can now let your swimming pool be a reflection of you, this can be achieved with Diamond Brite or swimming pool resurfacing.

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Salt System

Looking after your salt system is critical to keep your swimming pool functional and prevent mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria. We got it all covered, the maintenance of your pool’s saltwater system is just a call away. 

There are several important steps that must be taken to ensure it is properly maintained and is in good working order.

Though some pool builders try to sell these systems as being maintenance-free, the reality is they are not.

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  • We had our entire pool remodeled. The entire process was smooth, stressless, and quick and the team worked super hard and efficiently, so we could have a functioning pool before the holiday.

    Jane Huston
  • So thankful for Doctor Pools. They have affordable prices, are responsive, and are detail oriented. Highly Recommended!!!

    Anna Bright
  • Doctor Pools did an excellent job resurfacing my pool and replacing all the tiles. They completed the entire job within one week.
    They provide prompt services and excellent work at a fair price.

    John Doe
  • I had my pool resurfaced recently and Doctor Pools did a great job from the estímate process to the final product – very happy with the result and their quality.

    Mary Wood
    Landscape Architect
  • I used Doctor Pool and I would like to recommend it to everyone interested in quality service and a great price. They were very convenient and the customer service is very reactive.

    Bob Ruth
    Business Owner

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