Our number one goal at Doctor Pools is to give our customers quality of life

We will take such good care of your pool that you will never have to worry about it. Each pool is unique and has its own life cycle, and we have the knowledge and expertise to give each of them the best of care. We take care of your entire pool system, including the pool deck and surrounding area. Our goal is deliver high quality service that is reliable, as well as maintaining the chemical balance, performing proper maintenance on the pool gears, and making preventive inspections on the overall system. We listen closely to our costumers, so we can provide them the best results according to their unique needs. Our special touch will make the difference.
Doctor Pools CPO | Eco Friendly


Clean main pool Filter, Tile, in-line leaf trap, mold from coping, walls and steps, Vacuum Pool floor.


Filter replacement, Chemical Balancing, Equipment monitoring.

Supply Chemicals

Supply chemicals to adjust pH level, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness & Stabilizer level, Chemical Balancing.


Baby Fence, Leak Detection and Repair.

Doctor Pools Management

Doctor Pools Palm Beach

We are a company that identified a lack of qualified professionals in the pool service industry. We decided to start our company in order to fill that gap and provide high quality service with a commitment to stay on top of the rapidly evolving market and technology. We have more than 8 years of experience in the cleaning industry, always delivering high standard service, exceeding all requests.

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